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Develop Suitable Suppliers for your Amazon Products Sourcing.

One-Stop All-in-one Amazon Sourcing Solutions based on All Your Needs.

Negotiate the Most Competitive Prices by Rich Supplier Resources.

Full Sourcing Capability in All Product Categories with Best Quality Control.

Product Development According To Your ODM/OEM Business Needs.

Enjoy FREE Commission Fee for your First Order.

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Having Troubles When Sourcing from China?

Hand your sourcing transaction over to us and you can focus on driving up your sales on Amazon.

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Lack Methods to Develop Supplier

Offshore sourcing limits you to only search for suppliers on Alibaba or Google. Plus, it's hard to distinguish which online suppliers are reliable.

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Fail to Meet the MOQ

Want to place small orders while bearing minimum FBA inventory cost? Unfortunately, the factories that offer low prices always require high MOQ.

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Have Difficulties in Communication

The time and language differences between Chinese suppliers and you will make your negotiation more difficult.

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Face Challenges of Logistics

Developing a strong supply chain including warehousing and logistics takes a lot of time and costs too much, resulting in distractions.

Expected Growing on Your Amazon Business

You deserve these benefits from our exclusive Amazon sourcing services.

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Increasing Amazon Sales

You can concentrate on boosting sales and improving your store ranking on Amazon by handing all offshore sourcing affairs over to X Sourcing.

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Competitive Prices

Obtain profitable quotes to cut prices and win more customers. Our deep insights into the market and suppliers enable you to get quality products at low prices from capable factories.

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Fast Turnaround

We guarantee a short lead time, from 2-day quotation to 3-day samples and smooth production by careful follow-up. Responsive sourcing services reduces your shortage rate.

Competitive Quotation Offer with Reasonable Pricing

Price Comparison

We compare prices among different suppliers in the market, hunting for the best quality at the best price. This ensures you get more value in every Amazon product ordered.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is done with partner companies to further provide value to your money. Even after a quote is completed, we can still negotiate for better pricing.

Consolidate Multiple Orders

We can also consolidate multiple orders to meet any minimum order requirements our suppliers may have, reducing any possible delay in production and shipment.

Reasonable Pricing Structure


Product & Manufacturing Consulting

Supplier Evaluation

Price Negotiation with Factories


Standard Samples

Free Warehousing Service (2 months)


One-to-One Project Management

Custom Prototype Tooling

Production Monitoring

Sampling Inspection

Free Warehousing Service (2 months)

FBA Prep

Free Photography (5 pics/product)

Logistics Solution

Free Factory Tour Assistance


One-by-One Quality Inspection

Third-Part Test Lab

Third-Part Factory Auditor

Testimonials on Hassle-Free Services


Anthony, Amazon Seller

I had only been selling on Amazon for 6 months and was not too familiar with sourcing products from China when my friend suggested that I should look into X Sourcing. X Sourcing always got back to me with competitive prices and takes good care of every step of the importing process. Wish I’d partnered with them earlier!!!

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Nichole, Amazon Seller

I started to import from China 3 years ago. Thanks to X Sourcing’s amazing one-stop buying service, I could focus more on boosting sales for my Amazon Store rather than stressing over sourcing products, devoting lots of time to managing every step of the import process.


Mathew, Amazon Seller

X Sourcing is extremely easy to work with. I especially appreciate how simple it is to acquire new products from them for my online store. They always quickly answer every question I have regarding new products I’m looking into. Their rapid responses allow us to quickly add new products to our product lineup.


Joseph, Amazon Seller

As long as I give them full descriptions of the sourcing inquiry, X Sourcing will accurately offer several options that meet my needs. I can always find the best choice from the options to acquire the complete product that I need.


Lisa, Amazon Seller

I’ve been working with X Sourcing for over 4 years now, and every time I attend fairs or visit factories in China, they plan out my whole trip from start to finish so that I don’t need to stress one bit. I will use them next time for sure!