Full Sourcing Services for Amazon Sellers

Offshore procurement can take a lot of time and money, as not being careful could result in getting low-quality and overpriced goods. As your sourcing specialists in China, X Sourcing provides Amazon sellers with the best suppliers and the best products in both quality and price.

Situated in Yiwu city where is famous for the international trade market, our team are proficient in finding the right products from the large number of supplier resources to address your store's need. We handle the entire procurement process for Amazon sellers, from quote to shipment.

Professional and free consultation

Consulting & Quotation

The consultation process allows us to learn and understand the unique demands your store may have. This also gives us the opportunity to give you a quote on the possible expenses for procurement, which we will agree on.

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Product development and sourcing for Amazon sellers

Product Sourcing / Development

X Sourcing moves to sourcing the products from within our partner factories and update you in 2 days. If the exact product is not available in the market, or does not meet your specific need, our partner facilities can make the required modifications.

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Quality inspection

Quality Assurance

We strictly control the quality of suppliers and products to avoid giving your customers inferior goods. You can choose from our in-house inspection types, or you can also elect to have a third party inspector to check the products or audit the factories if you want to.

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Private label services for Amazon sellers

Custom Packaging

Part of creating a strong brand identity is having customized logos and packaging for your Amazon products. Our team can help you create or maintain that branding on each packaging, increasing brand recognition, at a right price.

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Photography service for Amazon sellers


We provide professional-looking images of your products that you can use on your store to attract customers and generate more sales. Up to 5 shots are given per product for free, using the latest photography tools and equipment to achieve high-quality HD pictures.

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FBA pre services

FBA Prep Service

Specializing in the Amazon Marketplace, we know exactly what is needed to successfully ship and deliver products via the Fulfillment By Amazon service. Products are carefully packed and secured according to FBA standards and shipped directly to their fulfillment centers.

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Warehouse and storage

Warehousing and Storage

A key in having a successful Amazon store is to establish a consistent and efficient supply chain from your source to your customer. Our free warehouse service allows you to maintain a sustainable inventory of products while helping you save on storage costs.

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FBA shipping


Our logistics team handles optimal shipping plans that are based on the actual cargo situation. With multiple shipping options, we are able to provide competitive pricing and complete forwarding setups to FBA fulfillment centers.

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How It Works


Receive Inquiry

Once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you to further understand your product needs and special specification. Our agents will find the best supplier to address those needs.

Send a quotation

Send a Quotation

After going over our supplier list and selecting the suitable one, a quote is sent showing estimated costs for the order. Once a final price is agreed, we move forward with production follow-up.

Sample tooling and confirming

Sample Tooling and Confirming

We obtain a sample of the product from the supplier of choice and send it to you for confirmation. Once you approve the sample, we move forward with the full-swing production.

Production supervision

Production Supervision

The manufacturing process will be monitored by us to guarantee products come out as intended. Any challenges of production, like delays, will be addressed and communicated to you timely.

Quality inspection

Quality Inspection

Products are then inspected after production to ensure the quality. We offer different types of inspection based on your preference, giving you freedom to pick how your products are checked.

Packaging and shipping

Packaging and Shipping

Your items are packaged in compliance to FBA packaging requirements. All inspected packages will be shipped to the designated Amazon fulfillment center for delivery.

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