Who Are We?

A Team for Amazon Sourcing at Your Disposal

X Sourcing supports small orders purchasing and shipping to FBA fulfillment centers by our supplier coordination and custom FBA solution. Focusing on Amazon sourcing enables us to respond to your needs efficiently and effectively. We aim to be your long-term sourcing partner in China.

Having Troubles When Sourcing from China?

Lack methods to develop supplier

Lack Methods to Develop Supplier

Offshore sourcing limits you to only search for suppliers on Alibaba or Google. Plus, it's hard to distinguish which online suppliers are reliable.

Fail to meet the MOQ

Fail to Meet the MOQ

Want to place small orders while bearing minimum FBA inventory cost? Unfortunately, the factories that offer low prices always require high MOQ.

Have difficulties in communication

Have Difficulties in Communication

The time and language differences between Chinese suppliers and you will make your negotiation more difficult.

Face challenges of logistics

Face Challenges of Logistics

Developing a strong supply chain including warehousing and logistics takes a lot of time and costs too much, resulting in distractions.

Our Sourcing Services That Address Your Concerns

Our all-round sourcing services enable you to save more time to concentrate on the operation of your Amazon store.

We help find qualified suppliers

We are capable of finding qualified factories in China that are low-key online. On-site audits by our team or third-party auditors guarantee you can work with quality suppliers.

Supplier Development

On-Site Factory Audit

Product sourcing and negotiating MOQ

Maintaining stable relationships with our suppliers for Amazon FBA, we are competent at merging small orders to balance the MOQ requirements of factories with your affordability.

Product Sourcing

with a Low MOQ

Project follow up and on site supervision

Save your time and energy by only contacting one agent to monitor the whole sourcing process in China. Your private agent at X Sourcing will help manage your project step by step.

Project Follow-up

from Consulting to Shipping

X Sourcing warehouse services

Our free storage service for 2 months helps you remain a stable inventory and reduce costs. You can also save shipping costs by collecting all orders and sending them to FBA warehouse in one go.

Warehousing Services

Free Warehouse in China

We help with logistics solutions

Correct FBA preparation before shipping and the most suitable logistics solution avoid customs detention and putaway delays. Your SKUs can keep a high on-time delivery rate.

Logistics Solutions

Ship to FBA Warehouse Smoothly

Chinese business trip reception

Your private agent at X Sourcing will assist in scheduling, translation, and potential factory visit. We help arrange more efficient trips for you to maximize your gains in China.

Business Trip Reception

Effortless Tour in China

Our Team Is Your Team in China

Partnering with an experienced sourcing team in China gives you advances on your Amazon competitors.

X Sourcing is your sourcing team in China

Develop Sources of Supply

with Our Supplier Management

With our vast network of suppliers for Amazon sellers, we can match the right factories for your broad product portfolio and meeting your quality requirements. Our mature supplier management ensures:

  • Rich Supplier Resources
  • Strict Supplier Audit
  • Regularly Updated Supplier List

Gain Advantages in Bargaining

with Professional Negotiation Team

Lower purchase costs mean more profit for your Amazon business. Our team knows the most feasible prices for various products manufactured in China and try to get the lowest price by our practiced bargaining skills. You can always have a satisfactory offer.

Allocate Tedious & Challenging Tasks

with FBA Prep and Shipping Agent

Our Amazon FBA sourcing agent team, with rich experience in customs clearances and packaging, guarantees your products are safe and quickly delivered to FBA warehouses. Experienced freight forwarders also provide efficient shipment solutions for fast delivery.

Expected Growing on Your Amazon Business

You deserve these benefits from our exclusive Amazon sourcing services.

Benefits icon

Increasing Amazon Sales

You can concentrate on boosting sales and improving your store ranking on Amazon by handing all offshore sourcing affairs over to X Sourcing.

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Competitive Prices

Obtain profitable quotes to cut prices and win more customers. Our deep insights into the market and suppliers enable you to get quality products at low prices from capable factories.

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Fast Turnaround

We guarantee a short lead time, from 2-day quotation to 3-day samples and smooth production by careful follow-up. Responsive sourcing services reduces your shortage rate.

A Wide Range of Products Cover All You Need

Potential and certified products we source can meet your customer references and quality requirements in each country and region.

Testimonials on Hassle-Free Services


Anthony, Amazon Seller

I had only been selling on Amazon for 6 months and was not too familiar with sourcing products from China when my friend suggested that I should look into X Sourcing. X Sourcing always got back to me with competitive prices and takes good care of every step of the importing process. Wish I’d partnered with them earlier!!!

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Nichole, Amazon Seller

I started to import from China 3 years ago. Thanks to X Sourcing’s amazing one-stop buying service, I could focus more on boosting sales for my Amazon Store rather than stressing over sourcing products, devoting lots of time to managing every step of the import process.


Mathew, Amazon Seller

X Sourcing is extremely easy to work with. I especially appreciate how simple it is to acquire new products from them for my online store. They always quickly answer every question I have regarding new products I’m looking into. Their rapid responses allow us to quickly add new products to our product lineup.


Joseph, Amazon Seller

As long as I give them full descriptions of the sourcing inquiry, X Sourcing will accurately offer several options that meet my needs. I can always find the best choice from the options to acquire the complete product that I need.


Lisa, Amazon Seller

I’ve been working with X Sourcing for over 4 years now, and every time I attend fairs or visit factories in China, they plan out my whole trip from start to finish so that I don’t need to stress one bit. I will use them next time for sure!

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