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Professional and free consultation

The consultation phase gives our team the opportunity to have a better picture of what products you are after. From product specifications and design options to material quality and price range, the initial consultation will provide us with parameters to work with.

Backed by years of experience working with Amazon Marketplace and our network of suppliers, X Sourcing can provide tailor-fit solutions to your product needs.

X Sourcing Provides Consulting Service with Our Specialized Skills to Help:

  • Develop suitable suppliers for Amazon FBA by analysing and evaluating your needs.

  • Source the right products for your Amazon store.

  • Negotiate the most profitable prices.

  • Explore the knowledge of importing from China.

Our expert is sending a reasonable quotation

Get a Quote in 2 Days. No Matter How Many Products You Need.

As your one-stop sourcing solution in China, X Sourcing provides an order quote as soon as 2 days from the consultation date.

Our easy to understand and hassle-free quote includes the pricing for product requirements, unit price per item, MOQ, and sample fees for the order.

Always Offer a Satisfactory Quotation

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Multiple Supplier for Comparison

We want to provide the best pricing for every product you are looking for. We will go through several suppliers and compare prices to ensure we have the most affordable products.

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Bargaining Skills

Negotiating is done with chosen suppliers to achieve the best cost per product. Even after a quote is sent, we can continue negotiating for the right price for your items.

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Consolidating Small Orders

Focusing on partnership, we can consolidate several small orders to meet minimum order requirements of our suppliers without compromising yours.

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