Product Sourcing / Development

Hassle-Free Buying Experience in China

Avoid the hassle of going over different suppliers, questionable product quality and overpriced goods by partnering with your local sourcing partner, X Sourcing.

As your eyes and hands in China, our specialists can identify the ideal suppliers to meet your demands. Let X Sourcing deal your sourcing needs. So you focus on your main goal: to drive sales and increase revenue.

We help source a wide range of products for Amazon selling
We help source a wide range of products for Amazon selling

Full Sourcing Capability in All Product Categories

No product is hard to procure for X Sourcing: if there is a demand for the product, we are able to find the right source for it.

We go through numerous suppliers to obtain the best-priced products on all product categories, giving us the ability to provide a free quote in 2 days. With us as your Amazon sourcing agent, any product is within your reach.

We confirm your product detailed needs for effective product sourcing

Modify Details to Suits Your Market Needs

In the ever-growing Amazon marketplace, having a product that defines your brand is crucial in building a strong brand identity.

X Sourcing will assist you in developing unique solutions to market needs that speak strongly about your brand. We have partner factories that can handle modification requests to existing product designs from suppliers, creating reliable custom solutions for your Amazon store.

Need to Source Products from China? Get Your Free and Considered Quote in 2 Days.