How to boost your amazon business?


There are three things you have to do to boost Amazon’s bottom line.

— First, your Amazon store which is open to customers must be attractive. One of the quickest ways to grab a buyer’s attention is with top-quality photos.

— Second, it’s necessary to have a good marketing strategy.

— Finally, the optimization of procurement channels is also a very important thing.

The first two steps are taken by professional people. Today we are going to discuss the optimization of the purchasing channel.

Many US and international based Amazon sellers rely on Chinese manufacturing. But not all manufacturers are equal. And if you have a great supplier, it can be a leg up on your competition. Hence more sellers are becoming aware the benefit of using sourcing services to find top suppliers.

Let me explain What is a sourcing agent first. Their role is to help overseas companies import from China.  Services they offer include identifying products, negotiating prices, and handling samples, inspections and logistics.

Benefits for your amazon business

Better price

How to boost your amazon business

Trade tension between China and the USA has escalated since Trump raised tariffs on US$200 billion of Chinese imports. Millions of people and companies with import and export business have been impacted due to the increased import duties. 

Thus, Obtaining more competitive prices will be more important than ever if you can’t find manufacturing for your product in the US.

A sourcing agent can help you find a lot of factories and suppliers that are not available on Alibaba. these factory suppliers don’t speak English, so they can only sell their products to foreign importers through trading companies or sourcing agents.

Their prices are usually the lowest in China so that it offset the service charges of the sourcing company.

Quality control

Benefits for your amazon business

The role of the sourcing agent is more like your interest representative in China. He will be your eyes and hands in China. During the production process, the sourcing agent can visit the factory to see if the products produced meet the quality standards and your requirements.

After the goods are ready, the agent can again inspect the quality before shipping the goods to your country. Also, in case of quality issues or discrepancies in order, the agent can help you negotiate with the factory and ensure that the final products are precisely what you ordered.

The agent may convince the factory to correct the order or provide alternate solutions. If you ask a third-party inspection company, they can only tell you the result of the inspection is failed or passed.

Save time

save time

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, marketing and network construction are also very important.Everyone’s energy is limited. It’s impossible to cover everything.

It takes lots of time to deal with suppliers in China specially when you are sitting across the globe in the United States. In such a case, difference of time zone makes things worse. Amazon sourcing agent will help you to do everything smoothly, they will explain all the steps and keep you updated throughout the sourcing process from finding of the supplier to manufacturing and shipping of the inventory. So, it does not make sense to spend lot of time in sourcing process of product while you can spend this on important tasks such as promoting Amazon products listing.

Develop new products

While your current capabilities may be sufficient, you may want to grow in the future. Due to their limitations, suppliers may not be able to take a step forward.

sourcing agents can help you expand your business. With a wide range of suppliers, sourcing agents can not only manage potential problems upstream from the plant, but also help you think about the best way forward.

sourcing agents can also play an indispensable role in enabling companies to expand their business. Resource allocation combined with local expertise ensures easy management of a broad supplier base.

If you plan to expand production in your five-year plan,it is the time to contact your sourcing agent.


Just like a real estate agent helps you find and purchase the best property, a sourcing agent assists in the process of importing goods from China to your country. The sourcing agent takes away all the burden of the hassle involved in importing the order, making the process of procuring goods from China highly efficient and effortless.

So How to identify a good sourcing agent and find a sourcing agent in China?

For more information read this:5 ways teach you to find a good sourcing agent.

Do you want to find a sourcing agent right now? I hope this article could help you boost your amazon business.

If you have any problem or confusion after going through this article, just leave a comment. We will try our best to help you answer your questions and solve your issues.

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